Blogs about Michaela by people who’ve visited the school

Few months ago I had cheekily tweeted and asked if I could visit Michaela and Katharine Birbalsingh had kindly said yes. But it was not to be as there was a tube strike on the day I was to visit. I am still planning a visit, maybe in the Spring term. Till I do I thought I’d collect blogs by others who have.

Update: I have since then visited the school & my blog is included in the list below.

Michaela School: Route One Schooling by David Didau

Michaela is marmite by Stephen Tierney

Vision in action: a day at Michaela Community School by Owen Carter (Optimus Education)

My visit to Michaela School by BigKid

Three things I learnt from Michaela by Steve Adcock

So I went to Michaela by Chris Guerin

I love everything about Michaela by Anthony Radice

New Year, new school (Part 2). This is a blog by Jo Facer who has just joined Michaela.

Starting at Michaela also by Jo Facer.

Back to the Future 1 and Back to the Future 2 by Lisa Pettifer

Love, actually by Tarjinder Gill

Miss, would you like to  come and work in this school? by Naureen Khalid

I have seen classroom miracles at Michaela Community School by Toby Young

Sympathy for the Devil: my day at Michaela by Tom Bennett

Reducing teacher workload by re-thinking marking ,  On visiting-and judging- London’s Michaela School and Part 2 by Doug Lemov

Last one in: My return to Michaela by David Didau

My afternoon at Michaela by Luke Hashman

Thinking about my visit to Michaela

The obligatory Michaela post by Old Andrew

Trip to Michaela 

Reflections on Michaela school by Dave Grimmett

The Michaela Way by Tom Sherrington 

Oliver Caviglioli tweeted (see below) a picture of the sketchnotes he made of his visit.

Musings over #Michaela by Kat Howard

The importance of being knowledgable 

My visit to Michaela by Teaching Newbie

Do strict behaviour policies harm children? by History Lover 

Making the Extraordinary seem Ordinary by Curric Team Leader 

Visit to Michaela by Kate Barry 

John Bald: A visit to Michaela

They don’t have green hair! First thoughts on Michaela by Sam Pullan

Michaela: well behaved students being taught well by Thomas James

Visiting Michaela by Charlie Wild

A pilgrimage in Jerusalem: My visit to Michaela by Adam Boxer

Michaela by Sputnik Steve

A visit to Michaela by Julian Gilbey

Knowledge isn’t a dirty word The sage on the Stage Seriously, no marking by George Coles

Where “working hard and being kind” are part of the curriculum by Andreas Schleicher

The Strictest School in the U.K. by Nick Buckley MBE

If I’ve missed any please let me know and I’ll add them. They don’t have to be written in favour of Michaela but they do need to have been written by someone who has visited the school and then formed an opinion.

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