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Learning to read Urdu and Arabic

I’m very fortunate to have grown up in a household where different languages are spoken. I’ve grown up listening to Urdu, Punjabi and English. My father also speaks a bit of Farsi and my mother’s early education was in Sindhi. … Continue reading

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Thank goodness my parents filled my head with facts!

Every Saturday my daughter volunteers at a day care centre for the elderly. On weekends there is a reduced number of staff on duty and as she’s under 18 I was asked if I could accompany her. This I’m happy … Continue reading

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We can be many things!

The above picture is doing the rounds on Twitter. I assume people who like it think it shows empowering girls or that it’s a feminist statement. As far as I’m concerned it’s nothing of the sort! Let’s look at the … Continue reading

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An afternoon in the Orangerie. When experts stand at the front and #JustTellThem with passion

The people I follow on Twitter are mostly educators but I do follow some others as well. One such person is the author Alexandria Szeman. Every Saturday Alexandria chooses one painter and tweets their work. On 4th March 2017 the … Continue reading

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Six habits of highly successful students, thanks to @AceThatTest and @J_MedinaUML

I came across a series of tweets on six habits of highly successful students by J Medina  I thought I’d collate them in a blog so I and others can easily refer to them when needed. 1) No Cramming: instead … Continue reading

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My hopes for diversity in the education profession; a blog for @BAMEedNetwork

The term diversity means something which signifies a range of different things, an assortment, a mixture etc. When we speak of diversity, we are referring to respecting the individual, we are referring to the uniqueness of each individual, we are … Continue reading

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Cultural Knowledge.

The below passages are taken from Lord Edgware Dies by Agatha Christie. Chapter 25 A Luncheon Party Captain Hastings Somebody—I forgot who—had uttered the phrase ‘judgement of Paris’, and straight away Jane’s delightful voice was uplifted. ‘Paris?’ she said. ‘Why, … Continue reading

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