Thesis writing advice

I came across few useful links to blogs which anyone writing a thesis would find useful. They are

What not to do in a thesis conclusion, part one: christmas present five

conclusion mise-en-place. christmas present six

Eating an elephant (or doing a doctorate in the job…)

connecting chapters/chapter introductions

connecting chapters/chapter conclusions

Is there a format for a thesis? 

six differences between thesis and book chapters

Niggles and Wobbles of the EdD Researcher

Also have a look at Pat Thompson’s blog. There’s lots of stuff on there (besides the two linked to above).

I came across this blog (PHDanger) on Twitter. It’s by Emma Hutson who is in middle of her PhD. She will be writing as she goes through the PhD.

What does your reference list say about your research?

Writing a PhD proposal (social sciences) by Alison Phipps

Submitting a Doctorate: How I did (and didn’t) do it 

the edu flaneuse 

The Thesis Whisperer 

Preparing for-then surviving-the viva by Jill Berry

Literature review

Thesis structures

Evaluating Reseach 

On not quitting the doctorate, A doctorate at a distance-take one, and A doctorate at a distance-take two by Pat Thomson

This isn’t specifically on writing up your thesis but is useful advice nevertheless. How to juggle a full-time job and a part-time PhD? 

This is not on thesis writing but on PhD supervision. I thought I’d include it here as it seemed very relevant. Of monsters and mentors: PhD disasters and how to avoid them

Advice for writing a thesis (based on what examiners do)

PhD. Stuck points by Pat Thompson

A Twitter thread on turning your thesis into a book

10 ways to ensure you write a good PhD thesis by Peter Bickerton

10 things you need to know before starting a PhD degree by Peter Bickerton

Advice on how to write your PhD Statement of Purpose

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