rED17 Blogs, presentations, video links

Toxic schools and how to avoid running them by David Weston

This is the new m*th by Christian Bokhove

Improving assessment: the key to education reform by Daisy Christodoulou

ResearchED 2017 a brief review by Daisy Christodoulou

ResearchED 17-a few thoughts by Justin Gray

ResearchED2017 Slides: What You Do Not Know About Feedback and Motivation by Sarah Donarski 

Translating Research Into Practical Advice (Reflections On ResearchED) by That Boy Can Teach

The self-improving school system by Karen Wespieser

Presentation: Urban Myths about Learning and Technology (at #rED17) by Pedro De Bruyckere

My Research Ed London 2017 Takeaway by dukkhaboy

Genre overload: rED17 by Tarjinder Gill

ResearchED by Alex Quigley 

Why target grades miss the mark by Ben Newmark

Can we create a clever culture? By Mark Enser 

Leon Cych Live Stream: 

Dr Becky Allen and Sam Sims 

Amanda Spielman 

Alex Quigley

Martin Robinson

Daisy Christodulo 

Nick Rose

Nick Gibb  

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