A case for having uniforms

Years ago, when I was young, my father told me about someone who worked in his office. What this gentleman was earning barely made ends meet. He had two daughters and was determined that they went to school. Pakistan, like other countries, has private as well as state schools. The state schools have a nominal/no fee. Many of these state schools operate two shifts, a morning and an afternoon one. This allows them to teach twice the number of children using the same facilities and staff. The gentleman I’m writing about, sent his daughters to one such school. One daughter went to the morning school and the other attended the afternoon shift. When the daughter attending the morning shift came back home she’d give the uniform to her sister who would then go to the afternoon shift. When she came back, the uniform would be washed and dried, ready for the next day. He said the only reason he could afford to send his daughters to school was because, firstly, the school had two shifts, and secondly, because the school had a uniform. If there hadn’t been a uniform then his daughters would’ve needed different sets of clothes each day which was beyond their means. Because of the two shifts his daughters shared the same uniform  and none of their friends were any the wiser.

The other day I saw an advertisement for admission to a Pakistani school. The school provided free uniforms for students meeting certain criteria. I assume they are able to do this as they bulk buy and can offset the cost of supplying free uniforms. This is another example why I think schools having uniforms is a great idea. If you’re thinking to yourself that the cases I’ve quoted are those of schools in Pakistan and don’t apply to U.K. then spare a thought for the families using food banks, think of the girls/women dealing with period poverty and then you may agree with me that uniforms (with the caveat that they should be affordable) are a good idea.

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