#rED2016 Blogs, videos, slides

All credit to Tom Bennett, Helene Galdin-O’Shea for arranging another great educational research conference! If you missed it or just want to re-live the experience then read the blogs and watch the videos.


Nick Gibb’s speech

Research Ed 2016: evidence-fuelled optimism by Daisy Christodoulou

Knowledge, Pedagogy & the Expertise Reversal Effect by Rufus William

Perfectionism simplified teaching, and better ITT by BexN91

Research and primary education by Heather Fearn

Do primary schools need research? by Jon Brunskill

Thoughts on the implications of research on transfer David Didau’s researchEd Session by Dawn Cox 

More Than an Intervention – Quality, CPD and Partnership by Philippa Cordindley

We have overcomplicated teaching by Jo Facer  

researchED 2016-The Humid One by Beth G-G


David Didau’s slides from his session on The Trouble with Transfer

Prof Rob Coe’s slides

Learning Skillsslides’ from their session on Rethinking Learning to Learn as a Complex Intervention:Raising the Bar, Ckosing the Gap.

The unconscious curriculum at ResearchEd 2016 by Stephen Hickman

Reflections on #rED16 by Robert Brooks

Working Out What Works – Modulo Maths at ResearchED National Conference 2016 by Modulo Maths

ResearchEd16: A Slight Curve in the Architecture by Mark Quinn

This much I know about …my researchED 2016 presentation by John Tomsett 


Live Stream

Rethinking Learning to Learn as a Complex Intervention by James Mannion

Library sessions videos live streamed by Cambridge Assessment 

Evidence-based school leadership & management: Are we missing a trick? By Dr Gary Jones

Many of the presentations can be found here

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