ResearchED 2015 blogs and presentations

The third Annual researchED Conference was held in London on 5th September 2015. Tom Bennett, Helene Galdin-O’Shea and their team deserve a medal for arranging such a fabulous event. Below is a list of blogs which will give you a flavour of the day. If I have missed out any, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

Governors go to #rED15 because research matters Part 1 and Part 2 by Naureen Khalid

Research Ed 2015 by Daisy Christodoulou

#rED:How did it move me? by Rude Mechanical

How do we know what works by Robert Coe

My Researched 15 presentation by Jack Marwood

From Proof to Narrative: Lessons from Digital Learning Research #red15 by Oliver Quinlan

The importance of the teaching profession Nick Gibb’s speech

Last night ‘ResearchEd’ changed my life by Jen Ludgate

Research Literacy: Literacy Research by Tom Sherrington

researchED 2015: Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3  Part 4 and Part 5 by Krista Carson

My presentation at #rED15: Urban myths about learning and education by Pedro De Bruyckere

This much I know about working out whether my teaching is improving including my slides from researchED 2015 by JohnTomsett

Live Blog from ResearchED 2015 by Keven Bartle

What underpins an outlier’s success? and New teachers in challenging environments: what support is crucial? by Harry Fletcher-Wood

researchED London 2015 and knowing when to trust the experts by Gary Jones

Foxy thinking: why we should embrace ignorance and learn to love uncertainty by David Didau

Researched 2015 by Christian Bokhove

#rED15 by Robert Brooks

ResearchED 2015 Presentation: The 5 Big Policy Challenges for the New Government by Sam Freedman

5 Things I Learnt from Researched by Learning Performance Training

#rED15 by Miss Smith

#rED15: Joining the dots… by docendo discimus

Action Research: More than a Hobby by Mark Quinn

ResearchED 2015: How wrong could I have been? by Marc Smith

ResearchED15; What I took home in my party bag of thoughts by Tom Rattle

Notes from ResearchEd by David McQueene

researchED Journal Club 2015 and research ED 2105-the one with the stairs by  Beth Greville-Giddings

Race and Culture in The Classroom by Kieran Dhunna Halliwell

ResearchED 2015 – Working out what works and nfer blog

ResearchEd 2015 – South Hampstead High School (SHHS)

Why can’t we talk about intelligence and genetics? (#rED15) by Andy Lewis

#rED15: Some Thoughts by Hamish Chalmers

ResearchEd 2015 – a sharper focus on what works by Phil Stock

How edtech will revolutionise research by Crispin Weston

What makes a successful school by Jason Kubilius

Reflections on researchED, part1: Prof Coe on what works, RCT’s and “me” by James Mannion


Helen Pike and Tome Bennet Introduction

Daisy Christodoulou’s presentation with thanks to Leon Cych

Tim Oates

Nick Gibb

Jonathan Sharples and Alex Quigley

David Weston

David Didau

Helen Pike and Tom Bennet-Plenary

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