Thank goodness my parents filled my head with facts!

Every Saturday my daughter volunteers at a day care centre for the elderly. On weekends there is a reduced number of staff on duty and as she’s under 18 I was asked if I could accompany her. This I’m happy to do.

Last Saturday an elderly gentleman came in (let’s call him Brian) and sat down besides me and we got talking. When, during the course of the conversation, I told Brian I used to live in Karachi, he became very excited. As it turned out he used to work for a multi national and spent seven years in Karachi in the 1960s. Brian said that although he sometimes meets people from Pakistan he rarely meets anyone from Karachi. We then passed a pleasant hour or so chatting about the city we both knew and loved. He told me where he first used to live (not a million miles away from my childhood home) and where he subsequently moved to (not a million miles away from where my parents now live). Brian was very interested in hearing about all the places he used to frequent; were they still there, had they changed much? He asked about Elphinstone Street, a prestigious shopping area of Karachi in those days. He asked if the tram still ran. He wanted to know if Maripur Road was still the main road in the city. He talked about his trip to Lyalpoor, a city in Punjab.  If my parents had not filled my head with facts, if I did not have knowledge of the old Karachi, I would have had to say,”I don’t know” to all his questions; Elphinstone Street is now Zaibunnissa Street and the tram service was discontinued years ago. Maripur Road is no longer the main road. In fact, I can’t remember if I’ve ever driven or be driven down Maripur Road. Lyalpoor is now called Faisalabad. Yes, I could have googled these places and worked out that I did know them albeit by a different name but that would have involved retrieving my bag from where I had stored it, taking my phone out and then typing these names in. I’m sure if that’s what I had done then the animated conversation Brian and I had would not have happened, for stopping every two minutes to goggle stuff is not conducive to chatting over coffee and biscuits! So, I am really glad my parents filled my head of facts about the history of the city they call home because these facts helped me connect with this elderly gentleman.

Lovely architecture, Elphinstone Street (now called Zaibunnissa Street). This is a very old building and Brain would have seen it when he lived in Karachi.

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