Need for unity

Remain lost. Leave won. Deal with it. 

This is, in essence, what I’ve been hearing for the last few days. And yes, it’s true; Remain lost and Leave won. And yes, Remain has to deal with it now. It was a fair, hotly contested referendum. No matter how close the result, whether we like it or not, the result is the result. You can’t call for a second referendum just because you lost. What if the second result is the same as the first? Would you want to run it again and again till you got the result you wanted? What if Remain wins the second one? Would they be ok if Leave then wanted best of three? 

The result is the result is the result. What matters now is how we deal with it. To those in the Remain camp who are asking for a second bite at the cherry saying the Leave voters didn’t understand what’s at stake, I say, this will lose you support amongst your own voters. To those in the Leave camp who are either (a) using the win to say “Out” to any and everyone they think is an immigrant or (b) standing by silently while others do, I say you’ve voted to take Britain out of the EU but carry on like this and you’ll also take the Great out of Britain. 

What’s needed now is for Remain to accept the result and start thinking what can be done to get the best deal for us. As the “victors” the Leave camp has even more responsibility on its shoulders. The nation is waiting to hear their plan. They will be held to account for promises made during the campaign. The Leave leaders have to come out strongly against the racist and xenophobic attacks which have started happening with greater frequency since Leave won. My heart sinks everytime I see a tweet like this. 

This is 2016 and we are living in Great Britain. The Polish Embassy should never have had to issue this.

I’m absolutely clear in my mind that 52% of our nation isn’t racist but the racists now think 52% of the people who voted Leave are with them. These people need to be told that that isn’t the case. The Leave leaders need to make it clear that though they think Britain’s place isn’t in the EU, there is no place for racists in Britain. And in this we, Leave and Remain, are united. 

And media I’m looking at you too to get the message out (yes, Sun, that includes you). 

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