It’s only racism when it happens to me! 

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I know a couple who are really lovely. They are retired and live near another friend of mine which is how I know them. The couple and my friend are all white. My friend told me that another neighbour (BAME) had had a disagreement with this couple and had complained to my friend about this couple and said they were racist. This surprised me as in all my dealings with them I had never got the impression that they could be racist. Then one day I saw them at my local pharmacy. As this is some distance away from where they live, I was surprised. I thought maybe their local establishment didn’t stock what they needed so they had come here. I said hello to them and told them I was surprised to see them in this part of the world. They said they always come here as they like the pharmacist. “It is a bit of a trek for us, but he’s so polite and helpful that we rather come to him than our local one. We love him.” This pharmacist is BAME! Now, why would someone who’s racist travel out of their way to go to an establishment run by BAME man? They wouldn’t. You can’t call someone racist just because you have a disagreement with them. Similarly, you can’t twist facts and figures to back up what you feel. I was reminded of the above incident when I read some tweets which went something like this. “Oxford is racist!” 
“No, it isn’t. Look at all the BAME who go there.”
“They are foreign students.”
“No, they aren’t.”
“Ah, but the BAME include Indian and Chinese who don’t count!” 

Really?!! I’m not denying that there is racism in the world but this isn’t the way to fight it. 
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