The best is yet to come


Back in November 2014 @cazzwebbo had set a challenge on her blog which was

“Got any plans for the New Year yet? How’s about this then? A creative writing challenge for New Year’s Day!…. the challenge is based on the title: “The best is yet to come!””

I wrote something in the Comment Section of her blog (if you want to read it click here). On hindsight, I think I may have been too morbid, so I decided to have another go.

The Best Is Yet To Come

It was her first day at “big school” and though she tried not to show it, she was nervous. She was very quiet over breakfast. She kept thinking “What if I’ve forgotten everything? What if I don’t know the answer to a question? What if I can’t make any friends?” She pushed her plate away. She couldn’t eat, not today. As it was her first day she had been treated to a “naughty but nice” breakfast of waffles and ice cream. This was a rare treat but try as she might, she couldn’t eat it and she left the table.

She was ready to leave. Her dress was spotless. Her hair was tied back. She had her new, shiny black shoes on. She picked up her bag and then decided to check she had everything one last time. She had packed, unpacked and packed again last night. She knew she was being silly. There was no way she had not packed everything, but she decided to check again anyway. Yes, all there!

She was being driven to school today. This would not be happening everyday but today, sensing she was nervous, she had been offered a lift and she had gladly accepted. She knew that from tomorrow she would have to make her own way but for today she was happy to be driven. She was dropped off at the gate and started to walk towards the Entrance.

There was a boy walking just ahead of her. The boy opened the door and held it open for her. The boy seemed familiar and then she remembered where she had seen him before. He, too, remembered her. He turned towards her and said, “Welcome Miss. I was the one who had shown you around when you came for your interview. I’m really happy you are going to be my Form Tutor.” Saying that, he hurried away. She relaxed and smiled to herself. She had loved the school when she had visited it before her interview and now she knew, she just knew that the best was yet to come.

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